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       We customise your Easy Rider tour to your unique needs.  Riding as a pillion passenger, we provide you with a safe, well-fitting helmet, or you can bring your own.
       Generally, we arrange all accommodation for our tours, and enjoy lunch and evening meals with our customers. If you’re game, we eat at authentic Vietnamese restaurants that serve the culinary specialty of the region. We cater for most dietary needs, and have even found Western food in the remotest mountain village for one of our customers! You pay for your meals, alcohol and other beverages, but these costs can be included in your daily rate if you prefer.
       Tour prices start from $70US/day.  Entrance fees to tourist sites and monuments are not usually included in our
daily rate, but you can negotiate this with us when you book your tour.
         What you’ll need to bring;
  •  A suitcase or backpack with as many changes of clothes as you think you’ll need, as well as your toiletries. 
 Towels will be provided at each guest house/hotel.
  •  Your bathers and a towel if you need more than the sun to dry off after a swim.
  •  A light, long-sleeved shirt or light jacket (sun protection when we’re riding).
  •  Sunscreen.  Depending on the time of year you might also want to bring a light rain coat or poncho (check at the
time of booking).
                                                                        Some advice to help you plan your Easy Rider Adventure
    Our tours take you through many different landscapes and climates.  Depending on the time of year, you might need warmer weather clothes, such as a light jacket and jeans.  It pays to check with us at your time of booking - no point bringing a winter coat if its the middle of summer!
      Bring a light, long-sleeved shirt or light jacket—for protection against sunburn, and if necessary to keep you warm.
      Shorts, jeans or trousers, along with t-shirts or lightweight shirts are all perfect for comfortable motorcycle travel.
    You won’t need boots—but you should definitely wear something more protective than rubber thongs. Sand shoes, comfortable beach sandals, or something similar, are ideal.
      Bring your bathers so that you can enjoy swimming in the waterfalls we visit along the way.  If you need more than the sun to dry off after a swim, you should also bring a towel.
      Bring sunscreen, and sunglasses are a must.  Bugs and sun glare are definitely a distraction!
    If you want to take lots of photos along the journey, it’s best to have some way of securing your camera to your belt, or in a pouch or backpack that you can access easily.  This is much easier than having to stop and unpack your bag every time you want to take a picture.
     You are welcome to carry a small backpack to carry drinks, snacks, your camera, small amounts of cash etc. But remember, anything too heavy might be uncomfortable.
    Encountering rain along the way is usual, especially at certain times of the year.  Rain won’t dampen our adventure, and cheap plastic ponchos can be purchased just about everywhere.  But, you might like to bring your own raincoat, jacket or poncho—just make sure it’s a lightweight material to ensure maximum comfort.

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